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Introduction to TOOMER STRATEGIES by Sharon Toomer, Founder & Principal

The story, purpose & value

In my work with individual clients and organizations, I’ve found that there is increasing value placed on an authentic and practiced equity lens, long-range perspective, emotional intelligence, and life experience—especially when paired with expertise and solution-focused competencies.

Through Toomer Strategies, that is what I offer in the form of insight, coverage and solutions. My consulting practice is a structure that puts all of my knowledge, interest and equity lens to work for visionary individuals, organizations, and institutions on the issues, projects and missions that matter to them.

This is how I got here.

Stacked rocks on a beach
Stack of rocks on a beach

Right opportunity, right time

In 2021, I received The Athena Advisors IncuBetter Award, a business incubator with a focus on strengthening the social impact and nonprofit sector. The Award was created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, and I used it for a process of exploration and discovery.

I took stock of my full work and career life: what I have gained from the inspiring and genuine people I have worked with; the environments I found to be meaningful, inclusive and rewarding; and the situations that worked and those that didn’t. I sought the advice of colleagues, peers and friends as plans developed on feasibility, the required infrastructure, and my passion for the work I am called to do.

This is not unfamiliar territory.

Over the years I’ve come to recognize that a clear-eyed look at both accomplishments and missteps, victories and setbacks is exactly what ignites and steers change and growth. It’s what creates a turning point for rising higher.

The outcome of that process is TOOMER STRATEGIES. It’s a consulting practice that draws on the sum total of my life journey; harnesses the full range of my expertise, experiences and personal drive; and brings a new focus to what I have already proven I can do.

If you’re looking for a seasoned perspective, let’s talk about how Toomer Strategies can step in and step up to support you.

Onward, Pa’lante!


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