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TOOMER STRATEGIES works with social impact, public influence, mission-driven organizations and visionary individuals to strengthen strategy, infrastructure, capacity and culture. We help them to sort out complex and sensitive issues, develop their creative and operational ideas, shape effective narrative and messaging, and define policies to meet the moment.

We bring a laser focus on Equity to all our work. It’s an integral part of how we view the world, and how we understand each stage of an assignment.

On a case-by-case basis, Toomer Strategies also works with select public figures, elected representatives, political candidates, or for-profit corporations.

“The effort involved in actualizing transformative equity is not a sprint or even a marathon. It is an unpredictable and endless journey of wins and losses, breakthroughs and setbacks, and requires fortitude, heart and unwavering commitment.”

Sharon Toomer, Founder, Toomer Strategies

Toomer’s Theory of Impact

A proven formula for impact, rooted in our values


Draw from insight gained through life experience; and observation, participation and contribution to a broad range of social impact, mission-driven, public influence organizations and business environments over the course of an extensive career. Experience distilled into a resource, which is tapped to guide problem-solving and strategy development.

Knowledge & expertise

Organizational leadership, developing capacity and strategy; Public affairs: issue, reputation and crisis management, and stakeholder engagement; Communications: internal and external strategy development and implementation; and narrative and message development; and, Equity, inclusion and culture.


Objective perspective in partnering, coaching and working with governing bodies, executive and senior leadership to sort out complex issues and chart a path forward; and Situational, short-term coverage for executive and senior-level roles; and engagement with organizational change and transition.

A solution-oriented approach

A process that is collaborative, and that begins with understanding the environment, context and history in order to find appropriate solutions. This approach does not dwell in the cause; rather, it seeks to understand the cause as a first step toward a plan for course correction, adaptation or change.

Working & Collaborating with Sharon Toomer

“I assumed the executive leadership of Living Cities during a time of strategic evolution, leadership transition, and COVID-19 pandemic fatigue. Knowing that deft communication is key to agile change management, Toomer Strategies assessed our needs, audited our capacity, offered essential and objective feedback, and guided us to adopt a new approach to internal and external communication.

Principal Sharon Toomer looked past our surface-level issues to understand the whole organization. Sharon recommended changes to our operations after listening to internal stakeholders; securing feedback from vendors; and developing a deep understanding of our mission, vision, and strategic aims. Her thoughtful and patient approach earned her the trust of my colleagues, leadership team, and member board. As a 30-year plus systems change agent and influencer, Living Cities know the value of such trust and expertise.”

Joe Scantlebury, President & CEO
Living Cities

“As a senior officer at the National Academy of Medicine, I worked with some of the top health equity researchers in the US to put together an edited volume highlighting the crisis of historical and structural inequities across diverse populations. I asked authors to identify potential solutions to achieve a more just and equitable society where the burden of disparities does not fall on a subset of the population.

Through her work, Sharon taught me about narrative and journalism and the power to convey messages and stories in a new and powerful light. I can attest to Sharon’s commitment to social justice and equity, passion for ensuring the stories behind the data are told, strong work ethic, and critical thinking and analytical skills.”

Dr. Kimber Bogard, Deputy Executive Officer for Programs
National Academy of Medicine

“Sharon is a valued equity thought partner in the non-profit space and was essential in helping us meet our project deadline. As a consultant, Sharon became a valued team member on the New Media Ventures investment team. She provided invaluable coverage for NMV’s evaluation of several hundred investment prospects – along with very thoughtful viewpoints on recommendations. With her attention to detail and inclusive experience, Sharon was also able to help us refine our investment prospect process! Again, I am very appreciative of her work and look forward to working with her again.”

Phillip Sanders, Investment Principal
New Media Ventures

Sharon’s Journey

The making of a specialist and generalist. A narrative and timeline of career and work life stepping stones, turning points and landings.
Sharon Toomer

Toomer’s Guiding Values & Principles



All around accountability, and at all levels: Individual, systemic and institutional.

Equity & Inclusion

Equity / inclusion as an authentic belief and practice.

Empathy & emotional intelligence

Empathy and emotional intelligence are fundamental to the urgent work involved in social impact, public influence and mission-driven environments.


Systemic, institutional and individual integrity are essential to trust and reputation.

Intellectual & situational curiosity

Curiosity leads to understanding complex challenges or issues, and arriving at solutions.

Substance over style

Meaningful, purposeful and authentic approaches to addressing issues and challenges lead to lasting outcomes.
That is a snapshot of Sharon Toomer’s values and standards. She welcomes greater conversation around each guiding value and principle, and why they are important to her.

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